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Dômen Art School - in the middle of Slottsskogen

Do you want to work with fine art or are you interested in other professions within the aesthetic field? Then, this is the school for you. Dômen Art School provides necessary knowledge and gives you qualification for fine art, architecture, photography and design studies at university level.

The school has big painting studios, a workshop for plaster and wood, workshop for graphical techniques, a library, a well-equipped computer room etc.
Three educations

The school has three educations; painting, sculpture and graphic art. The total number of students is 64. Each education is consisting of 16 students and one main teacher. To increase the knowledge of varying artists and working methods, half of the teaching time is pursued by guest teachers. The teachers of the school are without exception practicing artists and are deeply engaged in the work at the school. The education is two years long. The first year has more fixed tasks than the second year, where the students work more freely from their own ideas and their own artistic language. The education is mainly practical. The school also provides lectures in art history, contemporary art, philosophy, literature and economics for the artist. The school attaches great importance to the making of portfolios, where the students take part in computer courses, documentation courses and writing courses. Further on the school provides video courses each year. Exchanges between the educations are part of the schedule.

Study tours

The school makes two study tours each school year, one further tour to London, Paris, Berlin or Venice, and one shorter within the Nordic countries. Beside this we often visit galleries and museums. In the autumn of 2015, we will visit the Venice Art Biennale. Since 2014 the school has a studio at Hållö Island in the archipelago of Bohuslän.

Co-operations and outward work

To give the students possibility to work outside the rooms of the school, we co-operate with various participants, for example Göteborg Film Festival, Way out West Music festival and Göteborg Art Gallery. The big spring exhibition in May, where all the students participate with their best work, ends the school year. In 2015 it will take place between the 2nd and the 10th of May. Open House with open studios is on the 28th of March. Are you curious about the school and how it looks like, please don´t hesitate to contact us!


The first year is a basic year. That includes practices for the purpose of developing the ability to work with pictures. The student is encouraged to try different painting techniques, such as oil, acrylic, tempera and water colour. Different ways to draw and mixing techniques are also put into practice. Composition, surface, depth, form and colour, are some of the main conceptions that we work with. The school day is varying. Sometimes the students work with common practices, other times with more independent work. The teacher is supervising the work. Experiences from various techniques and training skills in the ability to form are important.
During the second year the students work more independent. Guest teachers, artist presentations and discussions about new ideas in art play an important part in the education. The class has a continuous talk about art movements, artists' expressions and art discussions in media. The goal is to develop a process which is necessary for the students who apply for university studies.

Graphic arts

The two-year education in graphic arts is all-round. The first and second year students work parallel – when the first year students have technique practices, the second year students have time for more independent work. During periods with guest teachers, the whole class work together. Teachers, who all are artists, have discussions about picture, discussions that are vital for the understanding of one's own and others pictorial language and the development of seeing.
Important techniques are dry-point, screen, etching, woodcut, linocut and ImageOn. The students have access to computers for pictorial work. Drawing is a base in graphic arts. To develop this ability, drawing is a theme throughout the education.


The work at the sculpture department aims at giving a broad basic competence within three-dimensional form. Our practices stretch from model studies to thematic practices and more independent projects. Great importance is attached to letting the students get in contact with new ways of expression to make it possible for them to apply for university studies. First year students and second year students work together. The day begins with discussions about interesting sculpture, artists and artistic issues. Some items during a school year can be installation, performance, wood work, paraphrase, casting in plaster and concrete, sound, individual projects, etc.

Application to the school year of 2018-2019

In January 2018 it will possible to download information and an application form from the home page (PDF). A digital application can be made between the23th of Marsh l to the 16th of April. Physical samples, for example drawings, paintings, photographs etc, shall be delivered to school on the 23th and 24th of April. The education gives the student the right to study allowances for a maximum of 80 weeks. The student can also get an extra loan for school fees. The term fee is 10 000 SEK.